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"We're off to see the Wizard..!”

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Following Shrek Jr, The Get Your Wigle On teen & junior musical theatre groups will return to Theatre Severn next easter with this classic musical.


Join Dorothy and her loyal companion Toto as they “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” through the Land of Oz, determined to reach the Emerald City, where the great and powerful Wizard of Oz will help them get home. Of course, along the way, Dorothy encounters witches (both good and bad), Munchkins, talking trees and winged monkeys. But most importantly, she befriends three unique characters: a Scarecrow with no brain, a Tin Man with no heart, and a Lion with no “nerve.” Their journey to happiness – and self-awareness – is a glowing testament to friendship, understanding and hope in a world filled with both beauty and ugliness

About the production

About the performance teams


The Wizard of Oz will take to Theatre Severn during the 2024 Easter holidays week commencing 1st April. With full costumes and scenery - we will be pulling out all the stops to make this production as magical and memorable as possible.

Please scroll down this page to find your child's performance team. For young musical theatre students - please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Tickets are now on sale from Theatre Severn




TUESDAY NIGHT REHEARSAL TEAM: Performing Tuesday 2nd April at 7.00pm, Wednesday 3rd April 12.00pm, Thursday 4th April 3.00pm


Mayor of the Munchkin City / Leader of the Winkies - James Atwell

Munchkin Barrister - Victoria Oni

Munchkin City Father 1 / Nikko - Henry Martin

Munchkin City Father 2 - Charlie Jones

Munchkin Coroner - Aoife Deakin

Munchkin 1 - Lexi Varley 

Munchkin 2 - Madison Vernon

Munchkin 3 - Maisy Nicholls

Crow 1 - Leyla Tipton

Crow 2 - Freya Breeze

Crow 3 - Cadence Dukes

Tree 1 - Holly Brookes 

Tree 2 - Auckland Lord

Tree 3 - Olivia Chapman

Munchkins, Emerald City Folk, Poppies, Winkies and dancers:

Emily Edwards

Lola Buckland

Timothy Whiteley

Maddison Frances

Iola Povall

Marcy Birch



THURSDAY NIGHT REHEARSAL TEAM: Performing Wednesday 3rd April at 4.00pm, Wednesday 3rd April 7.00pm, Thursday 4th April 12.00pm


Mayor of the Munchkin City / Leader of the Winkies - Kit Fisher

Munchkin Barrister - Megan Haycocks

Munchkin City Father 1 / Nikko - Oliver Whitmore 

Munchkin City Father 2 -  Miles Vaughan

Munchkin Coroner - Isabelle Ellis 

Munchkin 1 -  Millie Bennett

Munchkin 2 - Leo Bickham

Munchkin 3 - Olivia Oni

Crow 1 - Lottie Jones

Crow 2 - Hannah Slater 

Crow 3 - Merryn Edwards

Tree 1 - Freya Aston 

Tree 2 - Imogen Edwards

Tree 3 - Poppy Moelwyn-Williams

Munchkins, Emerald City Folk, Poppies, Winkies and dancers: 

Dougie Harding

Reuben Pearce

Daniel Amphlett

Harriet Barrow

Lauren Ruberry

Evie Lewis

Eli Carroll




PRINCIPAL TEAM RED: Performing Tuesday 2nd April at 7.00pm & Wednesday 3rd April 12.00pm

Dorothy - Libby Keeble

Scarecrow - Lily-Anne Herries

Tin Man - Toby Gray

Lion - Rosie Carr 

Glinda - Holly Brookes 

Wicked Witch / Ms Gultch - Lily Ashton-Painter

The Wizard - Toby Stower

Aunt Em / The Guard - Cassie Southall

Uncle Henry - Daniel Bevan 


PRINCIPAL TEAM GREEN: Performing Wednesday 3rd April 4.00pm & Thursday 4th April 3.00pm

Dorothy - Holly Hornby

Scarecrow - Dan McCloud

Tin Man - Angus Paton

Lion - Bethany Ede

Glinda - Elissa Ingram 

Wicked Witch / Ms Gultch - Sky Richardson  

The Wizard - Toby Stower

Aunt Em / The Guard - Eva Ford

Uncle Henry - Jake Hanson



PRINCIPAL TEAM YELLOW: Performing Wednesday 3rd April at 7.00pm and Thursday 4th April 12.00pm

Dorothy - Robyn Howard

Scarecrow - Emily Whitmore

Tin Man - Oz Lovell

Lion - Jack Rowson

Glinda - Elissa Ingram (3rd @ 7pm) / Holly Brookes (4th @ 12pm)

Wicked Witch / Ms Gultch - Kiera Price

The Wizard - Toby Stower

Aunt Em / The Guard - Keziah Titchford

Uncle Henry - Daniel Bevan (Wednesday 7.00pm) / Jake Hanson (Thursday 12.00pm)


TEAM RUBY SLIPPER: Performing Tuesday 2nd April 7.00pm 

Jude Murphy

Everly Murphy

Rosa Eames

Mia Fallon Ansari

Beatrix Dey

Fern Ardill

Etty Endacott-Barone

Juno Robertshaw

Lily Leeke

Isla-Grace Banks

Ivy Banks

Isla Uddin

Georgie Bol

TEAM EMERALD CITY: Performing Wednesday 3rd April 12.00pm

Barnaby Inwood

Artie Waters

Francesca Watkins

Remi Ryder

Poppy Oliver

Millie Oliver

Mollie Smith

Maggie Jones

Tabitha Monk

Evelyn Loftus

Annabelle James

Sophie Gillan

TEAM YELLOW BRICK ROAD: Performing Wednesday 3rd April 4.00pm

Rupert Davenport

Franklin Holland

Molly Anderson

Rosie Allison

Maya Beane

Caitlin Reeves

Ava Patel

Alora Hallett

Daisy Clayton

TEAM MUNCHKINLAND: Performing Wednesday 3rd April 7.00pm

Benjamin Clarke

Magnus Phillips

Josie Jagger

Trixie Cheadle

Rhea Kirkham

Florence Rust

Sienna Clarke

Emilia Marciandi-Brown

Ava Webber

Charlotte Stephens


TEAM KANSAS: Performing Thursday 4th April 12.00pm

Marcus Richardson

Jacob Loewenstein

Isaac Wynne

Tilly-Mae Taylor

Harriet Rowsell

Elodie Martin

Poppy Martin

Sophie Engler

Freya Patange Rao

Thea Tait

Eira Vaughan-Jones

Evelyn Burgess

Conran Connelly

Amelia Garstone


TEAM POPPIES: Performing Thursday 4th April 3.00pm

Charlie Beech

Harry Taylor

Sterling McSporran

Evelyn Teeder

Amelia Croft

Betsy Holland

Abbey Nowell

Zara Potter

Orla Durkan

Ariella Harris

Madelyn Barrow

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