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Capturing Wigle magic through the lens

Annie Jr

July 2021

In the summer of 2021 we embarked on our first ever film production. Our adults and juniors came together to produce Annie Jr!

A night in at the musicals

October 2021

In Autumn 2021, members of Get Your Wigle On came together to create a night of musicals (streamed from the living room!)

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Shrewsbury's Christmas Film

December 2021

In a special collaboration with Painted Life productions. Get Your Wigle On performers came together to be a part of this Christmas spectacle!

Madagascar Jr

Summer 2021 workshop project

Following the success of Annie Jr, Madagascar Jr became the 2021 summer workshop project!


Summer Workshop Music Videos

December 2021

Since 2017 we have been creating musical videos in our summer workshops. Click below to view our entire catalogue of Summer Workshop projects!

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