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Little Mermaid jr

Join Get Your Wigle On as their young performers take audiences on a magical journey ‘Under The Sea’ to the musical one act version of the Disney classic: ‘The Little Mermaid Jr.’ 


In an enchanting underwater kingdom, beautiful mermaid Ariel dreams of a life above the surface of the water, longing to leave her home and her fins behind.   Meanwhile, Prince Eric is out at sea and discovers a mysterious voice he simply has to pursue.  But will Ariel defy her protective father King Triton, make a deal with evil sea witch Ursula, and convince Prince Eric that her voice is the one he’s been following?


Meet Sebastian, Flounder, Scuttle and the favourite Disney characters in this unmissable musical, perfect for all ages. With colourful and crazy costumes and set and songs including ‘Part of Your World,’ ‘She’s in Love’ and ‘Under the Sea’… ‘We got no troubles, life is all bubbles’ so Get Your Wigle On this May half term!

About the production


Little Mermaid Jr will take to Main Stage at  Theatre Severn during the 2024 May holidays week commencing 27th May. With full costumes and scenery - we will be pulling out all the stops to make this production a huge spectacle!

Rehearsals will be held throughout term times across our studios. Term fees will be £9.25 per 90 minute session and will include rehearsal and teaching time and all costumes and wigs for the production. Rehearsal fees will be charged via class manager and can be split across payment plans to suit you.

We understand that 4pm is perhaps a little early for some members to get to our studio - we encourage those that want to audition who may be a little late to rehearsals to still apply. 

Good attendance and excellent behaviour is very important throughout the rehearsal process to ensure a happy and successful show.



PERFORMING - TUESDAY 28th May 3.30pm & 6.30pm


Ariel - Lexi Statham

Prince Eric - Rory Corfield

Ursula - Leyla Tipton

Sebastian - Finn Saxton

Flounder - Olivia Oni

Flotsam - Sam Varley

Jetsam - George Jellicoe

Scuttle - Annabel Corfield

King Triton - Henry Martin

Grimsby - Jack Bane

Chef Louis / Pilot - Jacob Aston

Carlotta - Alice Deacon



Aquatta / Princess 1 - Freya Aston

Andrina / Princess 2 - TBC

Arista / Princess 3 - Emilie Brown

Atina / Princess 4 - Mila McGill

Adella / Princess 5 - Eloise Cristinacce

Alana / Princess 6 - Lottie Jones



Gull 1 / Sax / Chef 1 - Victoria Oni

Gull 2 / Newt / Chef 2 - Maggie McCoy

Gull 3 / Carp / Chef 3 - Cadence Quigley


Sea Creatures

Seahorse - Poppy Foxall

Harp / Chef 7 - Alecsia England

Bass / Chef 8 - Elijah Carroll

Jellyfish 1 - Olivia Venables

Jellyfish 2 - Beatrice Jenks

Plaice / Chef 4 - Sienna McGill

Chub / Chef 5 - Lola Buckland 

Fluke / Chef 6 - Jessica Lyle


Joel Yu, Jake Ruscoe, Ariella Allen, Beatrix Pullen,

Lily  Hilton, Frankie Stephens, Libby Balchin,

Liberty Preston


PERFORMING - MON 27th May 7.00pm showing & TUESDAY 28th May 12.00pm 

Ariel - Naomi Ashley-Sanders 

Prince Eric - Kyle Scott

Ursula - Violet Williams

Sebastian - Elijah McAree

Flounder - Izzy Ellis (Tuesday 28th at 12pm) 

Flounder - Eliza Cheesman (Monday 27th at 7pm)

Flotsam - Jake Hanson

Jetsam - TBC

Scuttle - Bella Roberts

King Triton - TBC

Grimsby - Teddy Shoosmith

Chef Louis / Pilot - Jack Rowson

Carlotta - Grace Tooke-Millward



Aquatta / Princess 1 - Rhea Dyght

Andrina / Princess 2 - Izzy Ellis (Monday 27th @ 7pm) / Eliza Cheesman (Tuesday 28th @ 12pm)

Arista / Princess 3 - Poppy Moelwyn-Williams

Atina / Princess 4 - Ilona Szarwinski

Adella / Princess 5 - Evie Lewis

Alana / Princess 6 - Annie Lewis



Gull 1 / Sax / Chef 1 - Merryn Edwards 

Gull 2 / Newt / Chef 2 - Madison Vernon

Gull 3 / Carp / Chef 3 - Megan Haycocks


Sea Creatures

Seahorse - Yasmin Dowdy

Harp / Chef 7 - TBC

Bass / Chef 8 - Leo Whitfield-Percy

Jellyfish 1 - Theo Johnwyn

Jellyfish 2 - Meadow Cowan

Plaice / Chef 4 - Norah Kohring

Chub / Chef 5 - Isla Marshall

Fluke / Chef 6 - Violet Howard


Thea Marshall, Cherry Breeze, Emily Bucknall,

Aria Butcher, Harriet Barrow, Emma Thomas, Grace Maddams,

Lyla Poole, Matilda Bishop, Millie Firth,

Olivia Campbell


All new members are required to have a class manager account in order to be added to our system. Please sign up via the link below:


Once created, please email and we will get them signed up to the class.


Tickets will go on sale lateAutumn 2023 and will be available to purchase directly from Theatre Severn box office.


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