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Going to school

car share or public transport

working together to make a difference 

We have a special hub where those attending classes or rehearsals are able to discus and see if lift sharing is possible. By lift sharing it helps to prevent congestion around the studio and the town centre, as well as saving unnecessary fuel emissions. 



As a global community, the health of our planet is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Get Your Wigle On is committed to being an industry-leader in sustainable practices. 

Image by Karina Tes
Shredded Paper in Waste Basket

We've reduced our paper waste

Goodbye paper waste 

Over the past three years we have reduced our paper waste by 90% by moving many of our services online. 

Vegan and FairWear approved


Our Wigle clothing is both Vegan and FairWear approved - something we are very proud about

New Hooded Jumper_edited.jpg

What is a Carbon Footprint ?

“A footprint is a mark you leave by walking. The way you live also leaves a mark. Many things we do in life, such as producing energy, driving cars and raising livestock, generate gases that contribute to climate change. And almost all of these gases are carbon compounds. That’s why the effect your life has on climate change is called your carbon footprint.”


At Get Your Wigle On, we are passionate about protecting our beautiful planet and as a company we are always looking for ways to help our members and their families to reduce their carbon footprint & to take care of the environment. Want more information? Check out this helpful video Smile and Learn:

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